How to stengthen your hair roots?

Have you been searching for some free tips and advice to strengthen your hair roots and increasing the thickness of your hairs? If that’s true then you have came to the right page.

After reading this article you will have some new remedies and techniques in your book to improve your hairs length and thickness. Please also share your personal tips and advice in the comment section:

Hair fillers

Using hair fillers can be very effective for increasing hair length and thickness as well. There have been modern innovations and introductions of new products and technologies for hairs on of them are hair fillers which you can buy from Hyaldirect.

They have become very popular and have been used by various dermatologists and hair experts for increasing hair beauty. Dr. CYJ hair filler is the world’s first hair filler that has been used by many hair experts especially in China and Russia. They also have a hair shampoo that is very popular.

Ollive Oil

Olive oil is very helpful for increasing hair thickness and adding body to your hairs. It also helps to soften your hair as well as strengthening your tresses.

Massage your hairs and scalp with some warm olive oil and leave it for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Repeat the same procedure daily and wash your hairs with shampoo after that. You can also leave oil on your hairs for a whole night and then wash them at the next morning.

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Fengureek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are also very helpful for preventing hair loss and enjoying better hair growth. Just follow the tips given below for improving hair growth.

Soak two or three table spoon of fenugreek seeds in water for eight to ten hours and grind them and turned into them into a paste. Now mix two teaspoons of coconut milk into the paste after that apply the paste on your hair and scalp.

Let it stay on your hairs for 30 minutes before washing your hairs. Repeat this same procedure for two months to get best results.

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