Best apps for adding text to photos

While searching for free text apps on internet you may find some good amount of suggestions and selections of people who feature their favorite text messaging apps on their sites.

But what really matters is you and the end user – what does the end user likes and which apps he will like to use for any purpose.

So in this article we are going to review some text apps that you might like to use and that other people have used for sending text messages to their friends, family members, staff and anyone.

Take a look!

Add Text to photos

Text messaging has gone beyond simple and easy text messaging. People love to share their thoughts and feelings in shape of beautiful photos and greeting cards.

This is why we have selected “Add text to photos” as it allows you to put your text on photos. You can create greetings cards, scenic displays and poster art.

I like to use it for creating font freaks.

Word Swag

Word Swag costs you $2.99 if you subscribe it. It’s developed by Oringe. It allows you to either your text on the image or type your text onto it.

You can also cut out a mask within your image to create special effects. The interface is very easy to use and you can dominate with just those three small icon controls.

I also like the choice of colors that they give your typing text, there is also a standalone pattern available that can be used for backgrounds if you want to make independent typographical creations.


Phonto is another simple to use and free app that has a good amount of features available to dress up your images with cool text with a large variety of fonts that you can choose.

Use decorative fonts, text bubbles, placards and badges. A large list of stickers is also available that can be used for making your text images more cool.

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